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Join Us for the 44th Annual Silver Elephant Banquet

The Annual Silver Elephant Banquet is a special occasion that we greatly anticipate each year. Traditionally, a single keynote speaker is featured at the event, who is chosen for his or her history of championing the core beliefs of our conservative movement. But why should we limit ourselves to one such person?

In an election year that is sure to write the future of our country’s great story, it is important that we elect someone who thoroughly understands and protects its prologue – the divinely inspired constitution. In order to become educated on who best fits this important criteria, the 44th Annual Silver Elephant Banquet will host a number of potential 2012 presidential candidates.

These individuals will outline their visions for America before the SCGOP’s premiere annual gathering. Next week will serve as the official kickoff to South Carolina’s First-in-the-South nominating season, with a nationally televised SCGOP- Fox News debate that will take place in Greenville on May 5th. The Silver Elephant Banquet will be hosted on May 6th, and the state Convention will be held on May 7th (both in Columbia).

We certainly hope that you are able to attend this non-traditional Silver Elephant Banquet, so that you can help write the next chapter of our nation with your vote. Please click here to RSVP and get your tickets now!


Karen Floyd
SCGOP Chairman