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Pickens Resolution: Honoring Senator Jim DeMint

This below resolution was passed at the Pickens county convention, and will now go to the resolutions committee. If the resolutions committee passes it, the resolution will be up for a vote at the state convention. However, before the resolutions committee votes, they want to know your opinion. Please use the comments section below to give us your opinion, and please use your real name. Thank you!

WHEREAS, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint upheld the long standing Republican belief in economic competition and a free market by voting against the TARP bailout, and

WHEREAS, Senator DeMint demonstrated his principled opposition to “legislating from the bench” and his respect for the Constitution by voting against the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor, and

WHEREAS, Senator DeMint has repeatedly defended our national sovereignty, shown respect for the rule of law and his support for securing our borders through his opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants; and

WHEREAS, Senator DeMint, through his endorsement of the candidacy of Marco Rubio in Florida, is working actively to add true conservatives to the rolls of the U.S. Senate, and

WHEREAS, Senator DeMint, through his opposition to a cap and trade climate bill, reiterates his opposition to government intervention in the private sector in direct agreement with the Republican principle of free markets, as stated by the Republican Party Platform, and

WHEREAS, Senator DeMint has repeatedly demonstrated affection and goodwill towards those members of the Republican party who support liberty, the Constitution, and the Republican Party Platform, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Pickens County Republican Party cheerfully commends U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and expresses its wholehearted support for his re-election, as his positions reflect his complete belief in the Republican Party Platform and serve the best interests of South Carolinians.