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Aiken Resolution: Comprehensive Energy Policy

This below resolution was passed at the Aiken county convention, and will now go to the resolutions committee. If the resolutions committee passes it, the resolution will be up for a vote at the state convention. However, before the resolutions committee votes, they want to know your opinion. Please use the comments section below to give us your opinion, and please use your real name. Thank you!

Whereas, the links between economic growth, prosperity, energy security and environmental objectives are unbreakable; and

Whereas, the U. S. Department of Energy has concluded that worldwide energy supply from all sources will need to be increased to keep up with demand; and

Whereas, a comprehensive policy is needed to increase U.S. energy security, encourage the research and development of multiple sources of energy, recycle nuclear fuel using new proliferation-resistant technologies to recover more energy and reduce waste; and

Whereas, this policy should include increasing domestic energy supplies by allowing exploration and production of oil and natural gas on and off our shores, build refineries, and helping states by allowing royalty shares from production where applicable.

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Aiken County Republican Party urges the development of a comprehensive energy policy that promotes United States energy independence through the use of our own national resources.