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SCGOP Chairman to Jim Clyburn: “Stop Playing Politics While Washington Burns”

July 28, 2011

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Calls On Jim Clyburn to Stop Playing Politics While Washington Burns

Columbia, S.C.  –  SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly today called on Congressman Jim Clyburn to stop playing politics with the debt ceiling, and support plans unveiled in Congress to cut spending, cap government growth, and balance the federal budget:

“Congressman Clyburn, Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats in Washington continue to ignore the will of the American people. Rep. Clyburn’s calling on the president to raise the debt ceiling by executive order and ignore common sense legislation like Cut, Cap, and Balance is shocking.

“Instead of telling the president to circumvent the law and ignore the American people, Congressman Clyburn should follow the example set by Republicans like our Republican governor and entire Republican Congressional delegation in supporting Cut, Cap, and Balance. Unfortunately, Rep. Clyburn is playing politics while Washington burns.”