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Two Requests

Dear Fellow Republican,

As you know, our nation is deep in debt – and our government continues to spend money that we don’t have at record rates.

The only way this will ever change is if Americans continue to rise up and demand REAL change and REAL accountability.

We have to demand that the federal government go on a diet!

Here in South Carolina, our 7 Republican members of Congress all took a strong stand for fiscal accountability during the debate over the national debt limit. They supported the “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan, which would cut current spending, cap future spending growth, and add a balanced budget amendment to our U.S. Constitution.

They stood up for us, but we need to continue to stand with them.

Next year we will have to work to defend our Congressmen – as well as win the new 7th Congressional district. We also need to make sure that Barack Obama is just the worst ONE term president in history! To do this, we need to identify conservatives who are willing to take a stand.

I’m asking that you do two things:

First, click here or on the image below to join our online campaign in favor of the “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan:

click here >>>

Second, help us grow our party and identify other conservative activists like yourself by forwarding this message to others. Let them know that you support this effort and that you encourage them to join the call for fiscal sanity in our government.

Proud to be a South Carolina Republican,

Chad Connelly
Chairman, South Carolina Republican Party

P.S. – You can help us continue to drive this campaign forward by clicking here and making a secure online donation today!