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SCGOP Chairman Connelly issues statement on Florida primary decision


September 30, 2011

Columbia, S.C. – SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly today issued a statement following Florida’s decision to move its primary to January 31, 2012:

“Today’s decision by Florida is hugely disappointing and could have been avoided. Rogue states have once again dictated the Presidential nominating calendar. I call on my fellow RNC members and all Republicans to strongly condemn Florida’s decision to hold their primary on January 31.

“States who have worked so hard to maintain the nominating calendar should not be penalized and the offenders, including Florida, should lose their entire allocations of delegates at the National Convention. Rules matter and the four traditional early states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina) did everything they could to avoid this unfortunate situation.

“South Carolina’s primary date will not be announced today.”