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Make School Choice a Reality in South Carolina

Dear Fellow Republican,

Our Republican majorities in the South Carolina Senate and House have an historic opportunity to make school choice a reality in South Carolina this year. School Choice has been a plank in our state and national platforms for years – and was an idea that former President Ronald Reagan fought for decades ago.

Over the past several weeks, House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Brian White and Representative Eric Bedingfield have been working hard to put together a comprehensive school choice plan that can pass the S.C. House and cause a vote to happen – and hopefully succeed – in the S.C. Senate.

As your State Republican Party Chairman, I appreciate the countless hours Chairman White and Representative Bedingfield have put into this effort.

Early next week, the House Ways & Means Committee will meet to consider and finalize what goes into this year’s state budget. It is imperative that school choice is authorized through the budget. Without that inclusion in the Appropriations Act, it is too easy for Senate rules to allow a small minority of Senators to prevent debate from happening this year.

While we all understand how school choice saves money, this Conservative proposal needs to be initiated through the budget – and this is where you come in.

The leadership of the House, and more importantly, of the Ways & Means Committee, need to hear from you. Each one of them has been a committed school choice supporter and I’m thankful for their support. Please contact them and encourage them to support school choice through the budget.

Speaker Bobby Harrell

Majority Leader Kenny Bingham

Ways & Means Chairman Brian White  

Bill Herbkersman

Chip Limehouse

Jim Merrill

Mike Pitts

Gary Simrill

Roland Smith

Murrell Smith

Thank you in advance,
Chairman Chad Connelly