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SCGOP and NCGOP Announce Partnership to Defeat President Obama in November


South Carolina Republican Party and North Carolina Republican Party Announce Partnership to Defeat President Obama in November

Columbia, S.C.- In coordination with the Republican National Committee (RNC), the South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP) and the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today announced that they will immediately begin to coordinate volunteer efforts to defeat President Barack Obama in the crucial battleground state of North Carolina this November.

As a solidly red state, South Carolina and the SCGOP are in a unique position to contribute volunteer resources to the already immensely successful voter outreach efforts being conducted by the NCGOP and the RNC’s Victory operations in North Carolina.

“The South Carolina Republican Party has pledged to provide at least 1,000 volunteers to work the phones, knock on doors, and register voters in North Carolina in advance of Election Day,” said SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly.

“South Carolina is not a battleground state, but our close proximity to North Carolina provides our volunteers the unique opportunity to make a big difference in what will be a crucial battleground state and home of the Democratic National Convention. I’m extremely proud that South Carolina Republicans are extending our ‘First in the South’ presidential primary tradition into being a major force in Republican efforts to defeat President Obama this fall. These efforts will in no way impact the South Carolina Republican Party’s ability to support volunteer operations for candidates in South Carolina, but rather will give motivated volunteers a great opportunity to make a difference in an important, battleground state. Carolina Republicans are united to defeat Barack Obama.”

“Republicans are uniting across the country to defeat President Obama and I’m proud that our friends from South Carolina will be joining with us to deliver a decisive loss to President Obama in North Carolina on Election Day,” said NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes.

“While President Obama’s ground game in North Carolina is being plagued by a sexual harassment scandal at the North Carolina Democratic Party, our already impressive efforts are becoming stronger by the day. The North Carolina Republican Party and the Republican National Committee have started our voter outreach efforts earlier than ever in North Carolina and by partnering with South Carolina we will be in an even stronger position to elect Mitt Romney as our next president.”

“The Republican Party is singularly focused on defeating President Obama and this partnership is one more sign that our efforts continue to gather momentum heading into November,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “North Carolina is a mess for President Obama and today’s announcement will help ensure Republicans turn North Carolina red once again this upcoming Election Day.”

In addition to the South Carolina Republican Party’s pledge to provide at least 1,000 volunteers to work on-the-ground in North Carolina, they have also pledged to utilize the RNC’s Social Victory Center at volunteer centers in South Carolina where volunteers will make thousands of phone calls to North Carolina voters before Election Day in November.

The RNC has started its Victory operations earlier than ever in North Carolina and recently announced that Senator Richard Burr will serve as the RNC’s Victory Chairman in North Carolina.

In last Tuesday’s North Carolina primary election, more total voters cast a ballot for Republicans than voted for President Obama and there was an 87% increase from 2008 in the number of Republican ballots cast. In contrast to the enthusiasm demonstrated by Republican voters, 21% of people who voted Democrat chose to vote for ‘no preference’ over President Obama. Since 2008, the number of registered Democrats in North Carolina has dropped by 131,226 and represents more than 9 times the 14,000 votes that Obama won the state by in 2008.