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Gloria Tinubu: Radical Union Organizer and Big Labor’s Best Friend

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To: Concerned 7th District Voters
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South Carolina’s AFL-CIO had a terrible spring. Their frivolous lawsuit against Gov. Nikki Haley was thrown out of court. The chapter’s president was caught bashing a piñata of the South Carolina governor. And despite the AFL-CIO’s consistent opposition, Boeing completed its first Charleston-built 787 Dreamliner.

The AFL-CIO and big unions needed some good news and got it last night.

Their hand-picked candidate, Gloria Tinubu, won the South Carolina Democratic Party’s nomination in South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District.

But the news couldn’t be worse for Democrats. It’s no wonder the South Carolina Democratic Party establishment tried to derail Tinubu’s campaign.

Gloria Tinubu is selling what no one in the 7th Congressional District is buying.

According to numerous polls conducted in South Carolina over the last four years, voters are opposed to unions and the economy/jobs rank as their top concern.

But even Barack Obama’s former economic advisor, Larry Summers, says that Gloria Tinubu’s ideas are wrong for South Carolina:

“Another cause of long-term unemployment is unionization. High union wages that exceed the competitive market rate are likely to cause job losses in the unionized sector of the economy.”

Gloria Tinubu has a long history with the AFL-CIO and big unions, most recently scoring a unanimous endorsement from the South Carolina AFL-CIO:

The state AFL-CIO endorsed Tinubu after analyzing her record in Georgia, and she became the first candidate in at least 16 years to hold a news conference touting the endorsement, according to DeWitt.

DeWitt says union members worked hard to get Tinubu elected and expects that to translate into the general election as well.

“The unions are going to pour money in here,” she says. “They are going to get money for Gloria.” (Source)

At the endorsement press conference, Tinubu said:

“I believe that unions working cooperatively with everyday citizens can make a difference. We can transform this state. South Carolina can be known not as the state that seceded from the Union but the state that led the effort to form a more perfect union.” (Source)

Tinubu was endorsed by the Georgia AFL-CIO in her 1989 campaign for Atlanta City Council District 12.

Tinubu also has ties to Teamsters Local 528 in Atlanta, as the group endorsed her unsuccessful bid for Atlanta Mayor in 2001. The National Teamsters Union endorsed Barack Obama in February 2008 and is also tied to the late Jimmy Hoffa.

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