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Precinct Reorganization

It’s time for Precinct Reorg!PRECINCTREORG

To get involved, please visit where we have maps, and all the information!

Every two years, Republican activists like you, in every corner of our state, gather in backyards and at community centers to reorganize and recommit to building a solid Republican foundation in South Carolina.

This past November, while our nominee was unsuccessful in winning the White House, we saw important gains here at home. We sent Tom Rice to Congress, picked up a State Senate seat, and added two seats in the State House of Representatives!

This is why your involvement in precinct reorg is so critical–we need to maintain our important status as a conservative hot-bed of success and innovation.

Precinct meetings have helped us to achieve Republican success in our state. Precinct reorganization allows anyone who is interested to get involved at the most local of levels in our party. Although our party is involved in many different areas of campaigning and governing, our party ultimately exists because of the activism and devotion of our grassroots!

Visit to learn more about Precinct Reorg and more!