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Chairman Chad Connelly issues statement on Democrat’s attempt to expand Obamacare’s Medicaid

Chad Connelly, Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, released the following statement today regarding South Carolina Democrats attempts to expand Medicaid from ObamaCare.

“Today, Democrats in the South Carolina House of Representatives are attempting to pass a ‘temporary’ expansion of Medicaid. However, we know that there is no such thing as ‘temporary’ in government. This is a permanent expansion of Medicaid that will bust our state’s budget.”

“While Democrats continue to insist that this permanent expansion is about South Carolina’s ‘fair share’ of taxes, they have been silent about what happens after three years? What, if after these three years if the expansion is too big to sustain? Do they then propose suddenly denying coverage?”

“Sadly, Democrats are offering a short term political fix. Thankfully, Governor Haley, Director Keck, Speaker Harrell, Chairman White and Rep. Smith, in addition to our House Republican Caucus, are looking for long-term solutions that will make sure that our citizens have better health coverage in perpetuity without breaking the bank.”