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SC GOP Chairman says “Sheheen fully supports President Obama’s failed policies”; launches

South Carolina Republican Party
 Alex Stroman, Executive Director

Chad Connelly, Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, today issued a statement following the announcement that liberal Democrat Vincent Sheheen plans to run, again, for South Carolina Governor.

“The Vince Sheheen that announced for Governor today is even more liberal than the Vince Sheheen that voters rejected in 2010. Today’s Vince Sheheen fully supports President Obama’s failed policies. Today’s Vince Sheheen fully supports Obamacare, which will bankrupt our state. Today’s Vince Sheheen wants to raise taxes on South Carolina families, as he outlined in his new campaign manifesto. Voters rejected Vince Sheheen’s liberal policies once before and next year, they’ll do it again,” said Chairman Connelly.

“Governor Nikki Haley has an amazing record of fostering job creation in South Carolina. Yesterday, Boeing announced 2,000 more jobs. Governor Haley has made jobs announcements in almost every county and businesses are literally flocking to the new ‘it’ state, thanks to Governor Haley’s leadership. I have no doubt that South Carolinians will return Nikki Haley to the Governor’s Mansion.”

The South Carolina Republican Party also announced the launch of which will highlight the positions of liberal Democrat Vincent Sheheen.