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Obama’s Energy Agenda An Enemy of Economic Progress and South Carolina

Obama’s Energy Agenda: An Enemy of Economic Progress and South Carolina

Since he ran for office President Obama has pronounced alternative forms of energy as a catalyst for economic growth and new jobs for millions of Americans. It sounds plausible, but the devil is always in the details. The recent unveiling of his energy agenda demonstrates that rather than focusing on pro-growth opportunities in the energy sector, the President is willing to sacrifice American energy and economic security to radical environmental interests.

Among the worst elements in the President’s plan is a new rule that would prevent Americans and businesses from accessing affordable coal-powered energy. The proposed rule would require installation of costly carbon capture and storage technologies. In South Carolina, electric cooperatives receive nearly 70% of their power from coal. These expensive technologies will be passed on directly to consumers through higher rates, specifically for the 1.3 million South Carolinians who use power from electric cooperatives.

South Carolina has already made immense progress in modernizing its energy sources. Partners in the private sector and the state have worked together to make energy production more efficient and it’s working. South Carolina doesn’t need the President and his federal overreach harming our consumers to benefit environmental special interests.