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Vince Sheheen: A Trial Lawyer’s Trial Lawyer

Vince Sheheen: A Trial Lawyer’s Trial Lawyer

Sheheen Is Funding His Campaign With Lawyers – And Why Not? He’s Been In Their Pocket Since He Became A Legislator

Yesterday, it was again clear why Vince Sheheen has spent his entire legislative career fighting for trial lawyers and against small businesses – and standing in the way of tort reform in South Carolina: lawyers were responsible for raising almost 40 percent of his campaign donations, totaling $233,337.17 to his gubernatorial campaign so far.

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore released the following statement:

“Vince Sheheen and his friends have spent decades fleecing South Carolina’s small businesses and taxpayers to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars.

“Yesterday’s disclosure makes it pretty clear that for Vince, it’s payback time: he’s stood with his fellow trial lawyers for over a decade, has joined them in making money suing our state, and now he expects them to return the favor. But South Carolina deserves better. We deserve a governor who stands with small businesses and taxpayers and not sue-happy lawyers, and that’s why the people of our state won’t let Vince Sheheen and his friends buy the governor’s office.”

Sheheen Voted Against Tort Reform As A House Member, Dodged The Vote As A Senator.

Sheheen Was Absent When The South Carolina Senate Passed The Fairness And Civil Justice Act. (H. 3375, 5/31/2011, Vincent Sheheen Absent)

  • Sheheen: “Nay” To Tort Reform (H.3744, 1/21/04, 2nd Reading, Vincent Sheheen Voted “Nay”)
  • In 2011 Governor Haley Signed Tort Reform Law Placing A 2 Million Dollar Cap On Punitive Damages In Civil Litigation. Gov. “Nikki Haley signed changes to South Carolina civil litigation laws on Tuesday, including a $2 million cap on punitive damages that she said was long overdue. According to the S.C. Chamber of Commerce, which had sought the changes, the new law includes a cap on punitive damages modeled after the state of Florida. The legislation caps punitive damages greater than $500,000 or three times the compensatory damages awarded.” (James T. Hammond, “Haley Signs Tort Reform Law, Creating Punitive Damages Cap”, Charleston Regi onal Business Journal, 7/27/11)
  • South Carolina Chamber Of Commerce President Otis Rawl: “We Were The Only State In The Southeast Without A Punitive Damages Cap.” “‘We were the only state in the Southeast without a punitive damages cap,’ said Rawl, adding that until now, that status had been a competitive disadvantage in recruiting new businesses to the state.” (James T. Hammond, “Haley Signs Tort Reform Law, Creating Punitive Damages Cap”, Charleston Regional Business Journal, 7/27/11)

Sheheen Made Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Lawsuits With The State Of South Carolina. “The law firm of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Vincent Sheheen earned hundreds of thousands of dollars working for and against state agencies in court over the past decade, according to public documents provided by the Comptroller General’s Office.” (John O’Connor, “Sheheen Firm Profits From State Government,” The State, 10/11/10)

  • Sheheen’s Income Has “About Quadrupled” Since He Became A Legislator.“Sheheen’s income has about quadrupled to $372,509 in 2009 from $93,668 in 2001, according to tax records, since he entered the Legislature.”(John O’Connor, “Sheheen Firm Profits From State Government,”The State, 10/11/10)