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Red to the Roots: It’s Working!

We’ve got some great news out of Aiken County. Our Red to the Roots strategy is working!

Earlier today, Aiken County Councilwoman Kathy Rawls left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party!

Councilwoman Rawls has served since 1988. In her remarks today she said, “The Democratic Party left me when they became more and more liberal, no longer reflecting my values and beliefs.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. South Carolina Democrats are out of touch with South Carolina values. They’ll stop at nothing to infringe on our liberties and cede every family’s decisions to Washington.

Please take a moment and watch Councilwoman Rawls explain why she is a conservative Republican (click to play above).

A special thanks goes to Aiken County Republican Party Chairman K.T. Ruthven for putting the Red to the Roots strategy into action and to Congressman Joe Wilson, State Rep. Bill Taylor, and many others for attending today.

Through our Red to the Roots program, the South Carolina Republican Party aims to have a majority of local elected offices by 2017. With hard work by our grassroots activists and through informing each county about what is at stake locally, South Carolina Republicans can continue the winning streak of conservative leadership brought by Governor Nikki Haley and others!