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The worst week in South Carolina

Dear Friend,

The worst week in South Carolina belongs to the South Carolina Democratic Party. Their bad week began on Monday in Wagener, where conservative Aiken County Councilwoman Kathy Rawls announced her switch to the Republican Party (click to watch video). Councilwoman Rawls had served as a Democrat since 1988. Upon switching, she said, “The Democratic Party left me when they became more and more liberal, no longer reflecting my values and beliefs.”

On Wednesday, we learned that Democrat State Superintendent candidate Mike Anthony bailed on his campaign, leaving Democrats with out-of-touch liberal Montrio Belton as their only announced candidate in the race.

And just yesterday, Democrat Rick Wade ended his bid for the U.S. Senate. Thanks to the talented SCGOP research team, you and I have always known that Rick Wade is too liberal for South Carolina – but I guess he and the South Carolina Democratic Party finally realized it too.

Because of your loyal support, the South Carolina Democrats are almost finished. You have my word that I will continue to fight for conservative, common-sense principles and make the coming months even more difficult for them.

Can I count on you to join me in the fight?

Every dollar we raise this year will strengthen our efforts to maintain and grow our conservative ranks in South Carolina.

Would you consider giving $10, $25, $50 or even $100 to make the Democrats’ terrible, horrible, no good, bad week even worse?

In Freedom,

Matt Moore

P.S. – Our work together has turned South Carolina red. Together, we can finish the job.
Donate here and tell the Democrats that Obama’s cronies and failed agenda have NO place in our state.