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S.C. Republican of the Month – Erika McDuffie


Republican of the Month Picture
JULY 2016, Erika McDuffie and Chairman Matt Moore

Everyone has a story to tell. Some stories are good – but some are great. This is the story of Erika McDuffie, and it deserves to be told.

Erika is 27 years old. She grew up in Greenville, South Carolina. Being raised by a single mother came with its challenges, but Erika learned to work hard. Due to her mother’s busy schedule, she spent most of her early childhood with her grandmother. Erika was very studious as a child, so much so that her grandmother deemed her kitchen table unusable from the scattered homework and open textbooks. Her grandmother, wanting her kitchen table back, set up a room in the house for Erika to study.

Having two older brothers who would pick on and tease her all the time gave Erika a pretty strong backbone. Erika worked hard and stayed diligent in her early education. She graduated from Woodmont High School in Pelzer and went on to receive her degree in communications from University of South Carolina Upstate. Erika now attends Charlotte School of Law and just recently completed her first year.

It wasn’t until taking a media law course that Erika realized her interest in politics. She grew up in a predominantly Democrat household, but as Erika grew older and more educated, she examined both sides of spectrum. Erika ultimately became a Republican. She told us just how interesting Sunday dinners with her family can be. “I grew up mean and controversial,” Erika says humorously. Her family has remained her biggest supporter and some of her brothers and cousins even shares her Republican views.

When talking to Erika about the current Presidential administration, she said foreign policy, immigration, and religion are all being handled wrongly. “I realize that the Republican Party holds religious values and freedoms in the highest importance,” she explained. “Republican values allow me to see society different. I have an overall better outlook on the world.” Erika has been widely influenced by a number of politicians. During the 2016 presidential Race, Erika proudly supported Senator Marco Rubio. She’s now working tirelessly with the other interns as the SCGOP approaches the Republican National Convention and the upcoming general election.

Erika joined the SCGOP in June as the state party’s first legal intern. In just one month, she’s joined Chairman Moore and Executive Director Hope Walker for legal conference calls and studied a variety of cases in which the state party is involved. Erika is also working alongside the digital communications and social media team and has been such an incredible asset. “We as a young generation can take advantage of social media. We can better present and deliver our message through the mediums that are provided to us.” Erika has additionally helped with drafting the SCGOP Weekly update and pulling press clips every morning.

Erika doesn’t just work hard at the office. She is balancing law school and raising her two little boys. Although she’s working hard for her future, the McDuffie family has just been through a dark time. Tragically, Erika’s husband passed away last year. They were together for nine years and married for three of them. Erika has worked hard to overcome her loss and has shown incredible resilience. Her family has been her rock to lean on during this storm that life has presented. Erika never fails to bring a smile and a great attitude wherever she goes and is very passionate about the future of our country.

“Listen to the younger generation. They are the future of our party and our government. We can keep it going by building to sustain one another in order to change society. The truth is, we will all one day rely on the younger generation, so we can start helping by accomplishing our goals together.”

Congratulations to Erika for being our Republican of the Month!