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Clyburn & Dems Stunningly Silent on Keeping SC Families Safe

Clyburn and Democrats Stunningly Silent on Keeping South Carolina Families Safe

(Columbia, SC – July 20th) – This week, Jim Clyburn and his House Democrat colleagues showed just how out of touch they’ve become by refusing to take a stand on a resolution declaring support for our nation’s Customs & Immigration Enforcement (ICE).

Clyburn – who has been not so subtly jockeying to take Nancy Pelosi’s top spot as Minority Leader – was notably silent, only voting “present” on the resolution. This stunning display of partisanship not only shows just how far left the Democrats have gone, but also is jarring for Clyburn considering the integral role federal immigration enforcement has played with local officials here in South Carolina.

In May, The Post & Courier reported that an MS-13 gang member accused of murder was caught in the Charleston area. The alleged murder had already been deported once and was on the radar of ICE agents as he had already been deported once and returned to the country illegally.

ICE plays a vital role in keeping our country safe, and the partnership they have with local law enforcement right here in South Carolina is instrumental in keeping our families, friends, and neighbors safe.

Chairman Drew McKissick released the following statement, “Congressman Clyburn owes South Carolinians an explanation as to why he refused to declare support for ICE, and whether he sides with the far left wing of the Party he wants to lead or the safety of South Carolina families.”