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SCGOP Chairman on Senator Warren Fundraising in SC

Extremist liberal Democrat Elizabeth Warren is working to raise money for SC Democrats by attacking Judge Kavanaugh and supporting abortion. As opposed to defending the rights of the unborn – as the majority of South Carolinians want – Warren states that she wants South Carolina to take a “very different path”.

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick issued the following statement:

“Elizabeth Warren is now the latest out-of-state radical Democrat who wants to be President that is raising money to fight against South Carolina’s conservative values.

“Every Democrat running in this state – from James Smith on down to the local level – should have to answer whether or not they agree with her sentiments. Do they agree with Warren and her longtime support of unrestricted abortion at any time for any reason? Do they support her raising money off of her support for abortion and her opposition to Judge Kavanaugh to be spent here in in South Carolina?”

“Voters deserve to know where they stand.”


A copy of Warren’s email is shown below: