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Party Switch

Fellow Republicans,
Today the SCGOP was pleased to welcome Lancaster County Clerk of Court Jeff Hammond to the Republican Party!

Jeff Hammond has served as the Clerk of Court since 2001 and his switch now gives Republicans a clean sweep of the Lancaster County Courthouse!
Our Party is GROWING all across South Carolina because of our conservative principles and the hard work done by our local county party activists. We are the Party of low taxes, limited government and traditional values, and it’s those principles that have enabled us to build a growing majority coalition all across South Carolina.

The simple fact is that, as more Democrat Presidential candidates visit our state preaching socialism, more conservative Democrats and independents are being turned off and turning to the Republican Party.

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While they are busy subtracting and dividing voters on the basis of their radical beliefs, we understand that winning elections is about addition and multiplication. It’s the reason why we beat Democrats by an incredible eight points in 2018 on straight-ticket voting, and this latest party switch is more evidence of that fact.

As Clerk of Court Hammond put it, “At the end of the day, my conservative values no longer align with the Democrat Party of today”.
We look forward to welcoming more conservative Democrats and independents into our party as they come to fully understand just how extreme the Democrats have become and they look for a home for their conservative values.

Drew McKissick State Chairman

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