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ICYMI: Times and Democrat: McCall: Delivering for African Americans

I wanted to flag a recent op-ed from RNC Committeeman Glenn McCall in the Times and Democrat about President Trump’s record of success on delivering for African Americans. From creating a stronger economy, to passing criminal justice reform, and fighting for HBCUs, it is clear that President Trump and Republican leadership are continuing to deliver results for all Americans.  

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 Delivering for African Americans

Times and Democrat
Op-EdGlenn McCall
July 10, 2019 

Last month, several 2020 Democrats came to Charleston to speak at the Black Economic Alliance forum, recognizing that the Democrat nomination runs through South Carolina. They lectured us about what they think our communities need, while refusing to cover their own records on race. Moreover, what these candidates failed to address at the forum were the historic results that President Donald Trump has delivered for the African American community.

Since Trump took office, nearly 2-1/2 years ago, he has delivered transformative results. From passing tax cuts and renegotiating bad trade deals to rebuilding our military and fostering a booming economy, the president is making all parts of America greater. In May 2018, African American unemployment hit a record low and has since remained below 7% for the past 15 months. Here in South Carolina, the Trump economy has added over 95,000 jobs – quite the contrast to Obama’s stagnant economy.

On top of keeping his promises for our economy, Trump was successful in passing bipartisan criminal justice reform. This involved easing sentences for nonviolent crimes and allowing those sentenced under racially motivated mandatory minimums – something once supported by Joe Biden – to have their sentences re-evaluated and potentially overturned. President Trump has also made fighting for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) a major priority. His administration in one year alone appropriated more money to HBCUs than any other president, and he has taken steps to establish the Presidential Board of Advisors on HBCUs, as requested by community leaders.

Unfortunately for the 2020 Democrat candidates, they don’t have this kind of record of success to run on. As mayor of Newark, Sen. Cory Booker oversaw a police department that was widely criticized for civil rights and discriminatory violations. Mayor Pete Buttigieg has received no traction here in South Carolina and has been chastised for his poor relationships with African Americans in South Bend. Former Vice President Joe Biden was opposed to the integration of schools and introduced anti-busing legislation in the 1970s and 1980s. In the past couple of weeks, Biden even suggested that he missed the days when he served with racist, Democrat segregationist senators. The Democratic National Committee has rightfully also taken flack for taking African American supporters for granted and disenfranchising African American members through their superdelegate system.

African Americans have thrived under the policies of President Trump. Just imagine what he will be able to accomplish for our community and the entire country with four more years in the White House. 

Glenn McCall serves as South Carolina’s national committeeman to the Republican National Committee and is the 2020 Republican National Convention co-chair for the Committee on Arrangements.