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ICYMI: Greenwood Index-Journal: McKissick: Trump economy continues to boom for South Carolinians

I wanted to flag the latest op-ed by Chairman McKissick that was published in the Greenwood Index- Journal about the success of the Trump economy here in South Carolina. Since President Trump’s election, South Carolina has added over 95,000 new jobs and is at the lowest unemployment rate in history. While 2020 Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden want to reverse this success in favor of more government, it’s clear that the people of South Carolina want nothing to do with that reckless agenda.

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Trump economy continues to boom for South Carolinians

Greenwood Index- Journal
Op-Ed: Drew McKissick
July 23, 2019

The economy continues to reach new and historic heights each and every month, thanks to President Trump and his pro-growth economic policies. The June jobs report demonstrated yet another month of increased job growth and low unemployment rates, smashing expectations as wages for Americans continued to rise for the 11th month in a row – up 3% this year alone.

While our economy added 224,000 new jobs in June and another 17,000 manufacturing jobs, it is also important to remember the historic low unemployment rates across the country in the Hispanic, African American and Asian American communities.

In South Carolina, over 95,000 jobs have been created since President Trump was elected and our unemployment rate is near its lowest point in history. All of this is great news for hardworking families across our state.
Meanwhile, we are still waiting to hear from the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates about why higher wages, huge GDP growth, more jobs and lower unemployment are bad things. In fact, the main thing we hear from the 2020 Democrats is talk about increasing our taxes, promoting socialist policies and how bad America is.

Thanks to President Trump and Republicans in Congress, the people of South Carolina saw an average of $1,341 in tax savings as a direct result of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”. Meanwhile, every 2020 Democrat presidential candidate has promised to repeal tax cuts, and many congressional Democrats are even openly supporting a measure which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found would leave between 1.3 million and 3.7 million people without a job.

In short, while Republicans are fighting to ensure that everyone who wants a job can have one, Democrats are working to destroy millions of them.
On top of our booming economy, President Trump continues to fight for an America First agenda that will bring even more jobs into the Palmetto State by negotiating better trade deals, such as the United States- Mexico- Canada- Agreement (USMCA). This agreement would bring our trade relationship with our neighbors into the 21st century and create more than $68 billion in new investments and 176,000 news jobs. It would be a boon for South Carolina’s manufacturing and farming industries, as well as encourage more workers to come off the sidelines and enter the workforce. That means fewer people on welfare and more productive taxpayers.

It is terrifying to think about the consequences of electing a Democrat in 2020. From their support for a government takeover of healthcare and elimination of private health insurance to their desire to pass the socialistic, job-killing “Green New Deal”, it’s clear that electing any of them would have a dire impact on our country.

People all across our country continue to see lower taxes, more job opportunities and higher wages because President Trump and Republicans in Congress are keeping their promises to put America First. That’s good news for the South Carolinians, and it’s why President Trump and the Republican team will be re-elected in 2020.

Drew McKissick has worked in politics for over thirty years and currently serves as the State Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.