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“It’s probably worse than a hurricane”- Joe Cunningham

Hugo, Matthew, Floyd… are all names of real hurricanes that hit South Carolina and destroyed lives, livelihoods, and homes- but Rep. Joe Cunningham believes that the real danger to the Lowcountry comes from the potential lack of European wine.

That’s right, Cunningham recently stated that “it’s probably worse than a hurricane,” when discussing tariffs that were put on European wine.

Rep. Cunningham should go talk to those who have seen the lasting and devastating impacts that hurricanes have had on our state before casually comparing it to economic policies. We realize that Rep. Cunningham is somewhat new to South Carolina but nevertheless we call on him to apologize for these insensitive and wrong remarks.

Too many South Carolinians have been negatively impacted by destructive hurricanes for these flippant remarks to go unchecked.