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Calling Senator Tim Scott a “Token” is Not Productive

SCGOP: Calling Senator Tim Scott a “Token” is Not Productive

(Columbia, S.C.) – Yesterday, on the five-year anniversary of the senseless, evil murders at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, Senator Tim Scott introduced his JUSTICE Act bill on the Senate floor. The police reform bill has bipartisan support and focuses on transparency and training.

While Senator Scott has been listening to Americans, meeting and talking with law enforcement officials, senators on both sides of the aisle, and working to address needed change, a high-ranking Senate Democrat was busy calling the JUSTICE Act and Senator Scott’s efforts a “token process.”

See below for SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick’s statement:

“The racist comments, calling Senator Scott and the JUSTICE Act a token process, are not productive,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick. “It’s clear that Democrats would rather oppose Republicans, simply because they hate President Trump, than pass meaningful legislation. It’s a sad day when Democrats can wear kente cloths and kneel for a photo shoot, but a black Republican can’t do anything without being called a token.”