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SCGOP Chairman’s statement on the attempt to impeach President Trump

SCGOP Chairman McKissick’s statement on the attempt to impeach President Trump

(Columbia, S.C.) – The U.S. House voted to impeach President Trump this evening. See below for SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick’s full statement about the impeachment attempt:

“After refusing to accept the 2016 election results, claiming the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia, then spending an absurd amount of taxpayer dollars on a witch hunt, Democrats have been looking for any excuse to get rid of President Trump ever since he set foot in the Oval Office.

“Trying to impeach the President with just a week left in his term is nothing more than a political stunt. It will do nothing but harm the country and our Party. We completely disagree with this sham and to say I’m severely disappointed in Congressman Tom Rice would be an understatement.”