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SCGOP Executive Committee Votes on State Convention Plans

(Columbia, S.C.) – Tonight the South Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee voted to have a hybrid in-person state convention on Saturday May 15.

Per state law and SCGOP rules, the Party reorganizes every two years, with precinct meetings throughout March, county conventions in April, and state convention in May. Roughly 1,400 people, at a minimum, from across the state typically attend the state convention–delegates, alternates, and guests.

Thanks to Governor Henry McMaster, South Carolina is open for business because the government has lifted COVID restrictions. Individual businesses and venues have the personal choice about capacity restrictions and protocols. This is how capitalism works and how economies thrive–private decisions.

The state Executive Committee voted to require each county party to caucus in-person by county and cast their votes through paper ballots at a local meeting on May 15. County totals will be reported to the Credentials Committee in Columbia. A representative from each county will serve on the Credentials Committee.

At state convention 870 state delegates will conduct Party business and elect SCGOP state leadership, Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, and 3rd Vice Chairman, by a majority vote.

Coming off a record-breaking election year for South Carolina Republicans in 2020, this year’s Party reorganization was no different. Participation across the state more than doubled with roughly 10,000 households officially joining the SCGOP, putting the Party in an even better position to keep beating Democrats in 2022.