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Richland County Hiding the Truth to Protect Democrats


September 1, 2022

Media contact: Claire Brady

Richland County Hiding the Truth to Protect Democrats

(Columbia, S.C.) — Richland County, per usual, is teaming up with Democrats to hide the truth from South Carolina voters about the Democrat Cunningham-Casey ticket.

Since being named Democrat Joe Cunningham’s running mate for Lieutenant Governor, Tally Casey has had–unsurprisingly–increased scrutiny of her background and her personal life. Casey is divorced, and divorce files are public record.


Her divorce file is found in the Richland County Family Court. The South Carolina Republican Party requested those records, but the Richland County Family Court has refused to provide the public court documents to members of the public.

“Initially, the Family Court staff said they would only produce Casey’s divorce records to a lawyer. That’s ridiculous on its face because public records are available to all citizens of Richland County, not just those who have a law degree,” said South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick.

“Nonetheless, we sent a lawyer on behalf of the Party to the Family Court to obtain her divorce file. But yet again, the Family Court staff refused to provide those records to our lawyer. Instead, the staff member said the County Attorney is working on a memo to determine what will be publicly released and what will not be released.

“Why are public documents being hidden from the public for no legitimate reason? Understandably, if Casey’s divorce records contain sensitive information regarding the names and activities of minor children, that would warrant a legitimate redaction. But otherwise? Divorce records of a candidate for Lieutenant Governor should not and must not be cloaked in darkness. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Richland County, let the sunshine in!”