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SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick wins RNC Co-Chair


January 27, 2023


SCGOP Chairman McKissick wins RNC Co-Chair Race

(Columbia, S.C.) – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick was elected the Republican National Committee Co-Chair at the RNC winter meeting.

“Over the last few years, we’ve had historic success for South Carolina Republicans–electing the most Republicans across our state since the end of the Civil War. Each election we’ve had since 2018, we’ve set new records and grown our margins each cycle.

But these wins didn’t just happen. They’re the result of a carefully thought out and diligently executed plan that focuses on the fundamentals of campaigns, seizing the issue environment you’ve been given, and adapting to new data and digital age. I look forward to bringing the truly historic successes we’ve had in South Carolina to the RNC. Republicans will win big in 2024, and I’m ready to get to work with my colleagues across the country to make it happen,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick.

South Carolina is a red state, but under Chairman McKissick’s leadership, Republicans are dominating even down ballot races, like county auditor and treasurer, in counties that have never elected Republican leadership.

In the 2022 election, South Carolina Republicans reelected Governor McMaster by the highest margin of victory for a Governor in 30 years, flipped eight statehouse seats–gaining a supermajority in the General Assembly–seven county council seats, school board seats, and several other down ballot races.

In the 2021 municipal elections, Republicans flipped town council seats and mayor seats that were previously never held by Republicans, and elected a Republican mayor in the capitol city for the first time in almost 30 years–beating the Obama-backed Democrat candidate.

Then in 2020, despite the DNC Democrat machine spending more than $150 million in South Carolina, Republicans delivered more votes for president than ever in state history, beat now DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison by double digits in his failed bid for U.S. Senate, flipped back the First Congressional District by more than it was lost, flipped two state house seats and three state senate seats, flipped 6 sheriffs races, and several other down ballot races.

South Carolina still has straight ticket voting. In 2016, Republicans beat Democrats on straight ticket voting for the first time in state history by 2.5 points. In 2018, Republicans beat Democrats on straight ticket by eight points. In 2020, Republicans beat Democrats on straight ticket by 17 points. In 2022, Republicans beat Democrats on straight ticket by a whopping 27 points.

Chairman McKissick was first elected SCGOP Chairman in May 2017. The Party’s been winning by historic margins ever since.