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Darlington Democrat switches to the Republican Party


October 2, 2023


Darlington Democrat switches to the Republican Party

(Darlington, S.C.) – Darlington County Coroner, J. Todd Hardee, announced he will be seeking reelection in 2024 as a Republican candidate. Hardee’s switch will now make five of the six county-wide elected officials Republican affiliated.

“We are excited to welcome J. Todd Hardee to the Republican Party,” SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick stated. “It’s a confirmation of the increasing strength of the GOP in the PeeDee and all across South Carolina due to the conservative principles that we represent and a rejection of the liberal radicalization of the Democrat Party. We welcome every conservative to do the same and join us!”

Over Hardee’s 23 years of service, he has made impactful changes to decrease and prevent deaths in Darlington County. This includes implementing the initiation of hunter training courses and advocating for “Child Death Review Committees” in South Carolina.

Statement from Darlington County Coroner, J. Todd Hardee, on today’s announcement:

“Bad things can produce good things. I believe that. That’s why I try to turn messes into miracles,” said J. Todd Hardee. “The Coroner’s Office is a platform for positive change. My goal is to one day take the information I gather and use it to eradicate child deaths, accidental guns shots, and any other deaths that make mommas cry. The car I get there in or the office I sit in does not matter to me. As the years have passed I’ve totally refocused on the things that really matter. If you elect me again, I’ll keep on doing that. That’s what my promise is to you. “

Hardee has served as Darlington’s coroner since 2000, and received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and an associate’s degree in mortuary science. The South Carolina Republican Party commends Hardee’s unwavering oath to serve and fully anticipates his reelection for coroner in 2024.