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South Carolina Democrat Party Primary


February 3, 2024

Media contact: Abby Zilch

South Carolina Democrat Party Primary

(Columbia, S.C.) – Joe Biden has won the South Carolina Democrat Presidential Primary. See below for SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick’s full response:

“Joe Biden is killing the American Dream with high inflation, open borders and a lackadaisical attitude towards terrorism and antisemitism. Let me be crystal clear, it’s not just that the American People don’t want four more years of Joe Biden, it’s that we won’t survive them,” McKissick said.

“We need a Republican back in the White House in order to reverse the tailspin Biden has put us in, and that’s exactly what we will do. For South Carolinians, it all starts on February 24th with the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary. I encourage all Republicans in the Palmetto State to turn out in record-breaking numbers to show Joe Biden just how excited we are to send him packing.”