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Red State: I’m a Republican

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We just wanted to share this post from, the nation’s largest Republican blog:

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This is very well done. The South Carolina Republican Party has put together the video below. It launches tomorrow throughout the state.

I know a lot of you have all sorts of ideas for advertising for the GOP. I know because many of you email these things to me. It looks like the South Carolina Republican Party has been getting the same stuff, because this ad campaign is right in line with what a lot of you send me.

The cool thing is that this will only be the start. They are going to roll out some serious new technological tools, harness the internet, and work like crazy to grow the party. It is well done and I wish them luck.

To find out more, go to Of course, you might wait till tomorrow, because the video below is part of a roll out that starts tomorrow. But we’re RedState, so we have it for you today.