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SC GOP Launches New Web Site, Video

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Columbia, SC – September 14, 2009 – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd today announced the launch of the Party’s new Web site, along with an introductory video that Floyd said will serve as a “first step” in the SC GOP’s effort to become a national leader in Internet outreach and technology utilization.

The SC GOP launched a new splash page, Web video and development blog, all aimed at becoming more connected with the growing number of Republicans in the state, and using Web technology like social networking and new media sources to spread its conservative message. The video, titled, “I’m a Republican” features Republican activists from across the state talking about their conservative values.

The video is already garnering national attention in the blogosphere, after being released early to party activists:

“From online grassroots efforts to fundraising, I am committed to making the South Carolina Republican Party a national leader in technology and internet outreach during my tenure,” Floyd said. “We are fortunate to have a base of activists whose efforts will be strengthened by our new technology. Many of those activists are featured in our new ‘I am a Republican’ video, just one small taste of the technology efforts to come.”

Other features of the new site include a development blog that will feature updates from the Party about the latest news and will offer an inside look at life at the state party headquarters, and the web video updates from Floyd, executive committee members, and other party staff.