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Floyd: Democrats should stop blame shifting on National Security

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Columbia, SC – December 29, 2009 – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd today issued the following statement, praising Senator Jim DeMint’s efforts to get answers on the future of Travel Security Administration’s workforce:

“Democrats seem to have returned to a pre- 9/11 mentality, as witnessed by their closure of Guantanamo Bay, putting accused terrorists in civilian courtrooms, and paying off union supporters by potentially subjecting our national security to union bosses,” Floyd said. “Senator DeMint is right to ask pointed questions about where the Obama Administration stands on putting our airport screeners at the whim of organized labor. It is also very interesting that rather than joining Senator DeMint in this effort, Chad McGowan is acting as Washington Democrats’ local lap dog, and joining in their blame-shifting over the failures in the system. Once again, Chad McGowan is showing that his values mirror Harry Reid’s much more closely than they mirror South Carolinians.’”