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Senator Mulvaney Discusses The Sovereignty Resolution

CM Capture 2Yesterday, South Carolina State House Blog posted the following interview with State Senator Mick Mulvaney regarding S.424

Senator Mick Mulvaney agreed to discuss S. 424, also known as the ‘Sovereignty Resolution.’ The following are the questions asked in the video.

1. What is the health care amendment to S. 424, otherwise known as the Sovereignty Resolution? (0:16)
2. Why do you support this amendment? (0:44)
3. What will happen if both the amended version of the Sovereignty Resolution and the federal health care bill are passed? (1:49)
4. Do you feel that other states will pass similar bills with regards to health care and other pieces of federal legislation? (2:22)
5. How would the passage of this resolution affect the lives of every day South Carolinians? (2:37)