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Karen’s Blog – You Are Making A Difference

After spending the day in Columbia at the headquarters, now I’m in Charleston for a series of meetings before finally settling back home in Spartanburg tomorrow. It seems like there’s a million things happening as we inch closer to primary season and I wanted to take a few minutes to give you an update.

Last week’s debate was amazing. The turnout was fantastic and I have to tell you, it was one of the best moderated debates I’ve ever seen. Joe and Mika were simply fantastic. They asked tough, pointed questions of each of the candidates while keeping a great flow. I could not have been more excited.

Speaking of Joe and Mika, I’m being told that her book signing was one of the largest the Charleston Walden Books has ever had. After a tough journey into South Carolina, I’m glad we were able to give them a bright Palmetto State welcome.

While at the debate we launched our new website with a fun live webcast. By now you’ve probably had a chance to check out and we are being told by friends around the county that it’s the best state party website in the nation. The interactive combination of social networks and video is amazing and the site provides an extremely informative gateway to the local parties and affiliates. I’m most excited about the flexibility of the site, which will allow us to roll out new tools and features over the next few weeks.

On the legislative side, I’m proud of our Republican leaders, but I’m most proud of you. You’re letting your voice be heard and our legislators are listening. Last week the State Senate moved on our voter i.d. bill and tomorrow they’ll pass our petition candidate bill. In a strong signal to the federal government, which we all know is growing way too big, the State House passed the 10th Amendment resolution today. In doing so, the House told the federal government that we will not sit quietly as they intrude on our rights.

While we’ve made huge advancements at the statehouse, I beg you to get even louder. Our state and nation are facing perilous times. We need to demand a strict adherence to our conservative principles to move us toward prosperity.

That’s it for tonight. Stay warm!

– Karen