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Miller’s roots aren’t very deep

Rob Miller claims to have a grassroots campaign. He says he has the support of thousands of grassroots activists. Last month, his campaign sent out an email stating that Miller is “focused on developing a strong grassroots organization.” However, look a little closer, and the picture appears very different.

You can’t phone bank or pick up signs from Rob Miller’s headquarters, but you could send something next-day air. Miller’s campaign headquarters is listed as 219 Scott Street in Beaufort. It’s a UPS Store.

The Miller campaign would like you to think he has a lot of support, raising more than a million dollars. The thing is, that support isn’t exactly across South Carolina. Of the money he’s brought in, 77 percent of it has been raised by radical liberal organizations like Act Blue and These two groups have been at the forefront of supporting a government takeover of health care.
Where’s his money coming from? Well, not from around here. Only 50 donations are from the Second District. In comparison, 47 are from New York and 105 are from California. Just 112 are from South Carolina. In comparison, Joe Wilson has 6,826 all-time total donors from South Carolina through September of last year. In the last report, Joe showed 1,366 donors from here.

There’s no wonder why Rob Miller lists a UPS store as his campaign headquarters. He doesn’t need phone banks… He just needs a mailbox somewhere to pick up checks from

Yesterday, standing alongside a couple hundred volunteers, Joe officially opened his campaign offices in the Lowcountry and the Midlands, and they’re more than just mailboxes. They have a lot of space for volunteers to come in and phone bank, help send out mail and put together yard signs. The Lowcountry office is at the Calhoun Street Promenade at 1 Promenade Street in Bluffton, and the place to go in the Midlands is 131 State Street in West Columbia.

Fight back against the MoveOn and Act Blue money and liberal agenda by volunteering at the new Wilson offices or at the SCGOP headquarters. Republican campaigns are built on true grassroots. The Democrats are built on ultra-liberal national organizations shipping in hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy off our state.

Please join Team Wilson at and the SCGOP at Also, connect on Facebook at and