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Union Bosses support Miller for Congress

Rob Miller realizes that it is hard for him to raise money in South Carolina. Maybe that is why he is holding a fundraiser in Washington DC, at the headquarters of a national worker’s union. The union bosses have chosen him to carry their message in Congress. It’s time for South Carolina to show that we don’t want candidates who kowtow to union bosses.

This union fundraiser shows the voters of South Carolina’s 2nd District how truly out of touch Miller has become. Why would Rob Miller want the support of unions? The Boeing company made South Carolina the envy of the world when they announced that they would bring thousands of jobs to our state. And part of why Boeing chose South Carolina is because we are a right to work state.

While Joe Wilson is on his “Joe Means Jobs” tour throughout the state, his Democratic opponent is wining and dining with union bosses in DC. It truly displays who is the right leader for South Carolina’s 2nd District.

Help show your support for Joe and the SCGOP. If possible, please make a donation to the SCGOP. We need a conservative that will help bring jobs, not abusive unions, to our state.

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