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Miller hides from the cameras

You have to feel for Rob Miller. He loses his race in 2008 against U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson by eight points, and somehow has to spin it into saying it was a close race. He has to accept more than a million dollars in contributions from out-of-state liberals because South Carolinians just aren’t buying what he’s selling. And even after running for Congress once before, he’s still not ready for the big time.

A few weeks ago, he went to speak to a Democratic organization in Irmo. The group, trying to garner some publicity, invited Columbia media to the event. A crew from WIS showed up, cameras ready, to get some shots, talk to a few people and put together a story. If handled properly, it would have been a fairly innocuous event, a forgettable story, and everyone would have moved on.

If only it were so simple. WIS was not allowed to tape Miller speaking to the group, even after being asked to come to the event. Miller says that it must have been the Irmo Democratic group, since his staff wouldn’t have done such a thing. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t make any sense.

It doesn’t add up that an organization would encourage a television station to show up just to deny it access. You can see the WIS story here:

That’s not the only obfuscation Miller has been up to. A recent story in The (Hilton Head) Island-Packet told of how he was saying he was going around, meeting with, “‘local business leaders’ or ‘community leaders’ or ‘church leaders.'” But he won’t say who any of these people are, specifically.

Earlier in February, the Lexington County Chronicle wanted to talk to Miller, but the campaign staff said there wouldn’t be an interview unless Miller received the questions in advance. Few newspapers in this state would consent to a pre-scripted setup.

What is he hiding?

The fact is, when it really comes down to it, Miller is hiding from the media and hiding from voters. It’s no wonder – a campaign funded by Northeastern and West Coast liberals run against one of the most popular elected officials in our state is not likely to have good odds in a head-to-head competition.

That doesn’t mean we can let up, though. Miller has well over $1 million to spend on the race, and will do everything he can to unseat one of South Carolina’s finest representatives in Congress. Join the grassroots team that will lead Republicans to victory in 2010 by making calls to other voters at

Every person, every effort is needed to work to get our country back to the conservative leadership it deserves.