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Where in the World is Rob Miller, Part IV: Still no answer on healthcare bill

Columbia, SC – March 23, 2010 – Democratic Congressional candidate Rob Miller has shown us he’s pretty good at a few things.

Miller is good at clinking glasses with establishment liberals at out-of-state fundraisers. He’s also shown himself adept at kicking television cameras out of public events. Two weeks ago, he displayed great skill in deflecting answers about where he stood on the costly Democratic healthcare bill passed Sunday.

And just yesterday, he added a new trick to his arsenal of ways to hide from public scrutiny: just flat out ignoring questions about his stance on the nationalization of healthcare:

So just Where in the World is Rob Miller on the question of whether he supports the healthcare bill?

“Mr. Miller’s time for hiding is over,” said SCGOP Executive Director Joel Sawyer. “We’ve seen this ploy 1000 times – Mr. Miller thinks if he ducks the question long enough, he will be able to ‘redefine’ or ‘evolve’ his position on the healthcare bill based on what the polling says when the election nears. While Mr. Miller may
not give voters the credit they deserve for being able to see through his hackneyed political trickery, we know that voters are smarter than that. Congressman Joe Wilson has stood against the massive government takeover of healthcare. His position is clear. Mr. Miller needs to have the courage to make his position clear as well – and voters in the second Congressional district should insist that he do so.

“That is, assuming they ever see him…”