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Who is the real Rob Miller? Mr. No Comment is at it again.

Members of Congress are expected to take stands and make tough decisions. Joe Wilson’s beliefs are strong and voters know he means what he says.

As for liberal Democrat Rob Miller? With the bulk of his campaign funds coming from extreme groups and individuals like, ActBlue and pornographer Larry Flint, Miller is a little reticent to give his positions on the issues.

In Monday’s State newspaper, Miller once again would not give an answer on the health care bill that was recently passed by liberal Democrats.

Miller, “Declined to say whether he would have joined 34 Democratic lawmakers in voting against the health care measure. “ The State’s Jim Rosen reported.

Miller then makes the amazing assertion, telling The State that if he would have been in Congress, the bill would “have been substantially different than what was passed.”

Really Rob, San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi listening to a freshman member of Congress? We all saw how much clout ten-term Democrat Bart Stupak had. He was forced to give in on his position on taxpayer funded abortions and then when his constituents voiced their outrage, Stupak promptly announced his retirement.

Who is the real Rob Miller?

A March 25th edition of the Lexington Chronicle reveals a little more into mystery man Miller. Apparently he was a little less guarded that day, going a little beyond his typical “no comment” and giving the Chronicle a peek into his liberal viewpoints.

The Chronicle reports “Rob Miller said Tuesday he would have voted for the (health care) bill.”

The Masters just wrapped up, but Rob Miller’s “no comment” scorecard is approaching multiple bogie range. Here’s a look back at Miller’s lack of answers.

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