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The Greene Sheheen Democrat Machine

Sometimes the Democrats make our lives a little too easy. Take for example the top of the Democratic ticket.

As much as Democrats want to distance themselves from their Senate nominee, both the Attorney General’s office and the state Election Commission say that there’s no evidence of anything but Alvin Greene winning fair and square. Now his name will head up the 2010 Democrat ticket.

Vincent Sheheen can run, but he can’t hide.  It was bad enough that he had to share the ticket with Congressman John Spratt in the 5th and Rob Miller in the 2nd. Now Sheheen’s name will appear right under Alvin Greene’s on the statewide ballot.

Will Vincent Sheheen stand with his party and work to push a man who won fair and square off the ticket? Or will Vincent Sheheen embrace a man who is currently facing a felony obscenity charge?  Either way, Vincent Sheheen has found himself in a greene pickle.

The Democrats couldn’t find a candidate for Treasurer or Adjutant General. They have one congressional candidate running from TV cameras while showing up at fundraisers for Nancy Pelosi. They even have Nancy Pelosi’s chief budget writer running for re-election. If all that wasn’t bad enough, now their gubernatorial nominee has to play second fiddle to a potential felon.

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It’s the Greene-Sheheen Democrat Machine!