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Keep The Spendometer Counting

In times of economic trouble, it is crucial that we keep an eye on the financial realities that threaten our state. We believe that legislators must do what every home or business does when money gets low- tighten our belts and limit spending! Each and every cost must be closely monitored, while only allowing the most needed of expenditures to continue. It is time for us to be resourceful and make sure that we become “budget hawks”.

That is the conservative solution for this issue, but the liberals have a different approach…SPEND!

So, we’re keeping track of how much of our money South Carolina liberals like John Spratt and Vincent Sheheen are spending. We’ve created a huge “spendometer” to show South Carolina taxpayers why our economy continues to lag and why so many families are still out of work. We’re taking the spendometer into every South Carolina community.

Take a look at the map below to see where the spendometer has been. Then be sure to donate in order to keep the spendometer counting. It costs money to carry this massive machine around the state and we want to keep our message rolling. Please help today!


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