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The Power of Women

Women are storming the political scene. More than ever before, opportunities exist for women in this country to truly make a difference in the political process. Such a bold step onto the historical landscape should not only be noticed, but also encouraged by women in every walk of life. Coming together at this moment can create more opportunities for our future female leaders.

Of course, the best way to make a difference is to start by influencing the community around you. Here in South Carolina, we have a remarkable set of women who are taking a profound stand in politics. So we are calling all women: Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Wives as we roll out POWER.

POWER (Power of Women Electing Republicans) was created with a simple mission: to mobilize the financial power of Republican women to help provide the party with the resources to have a maximum impact on the most important, competitive campaigns in the state.

Money donated by POWER members is devoted to the critical programs and advertising that can turn a close race into an Election Day win, like advertising, targeted direct mail and propecting, and the all-important get-out-the-vote drives that mobilize the Republican base for victory.

See what other women are saying about POWER…

Republican Gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley: “The political landscape in South Carolina is being shaken up like never before, because more and more people are realizing that their voice matters. POWER is a phenomenal way to get more women engaged in the political process, and help elect conservative leaders who will help get our state back on track.”

Former First Lady Ann Edwards: “This is a unique opportunity to join with our Republican men in making a difference in the political process. POWER allows us this opportunity to become involved, be heard, and multiply our influence.”

POWER members will be updated with daily news from party headquarters and frequent email updates on political and policy issues. Members are also invited to participate in an annual POWER Women’s Luncheon.

The South Carolina Republican Party cannot succeed in its mission of electing Republicans without the support of POWER. Your annual investment of $1,000 gives the party its wining edge, and gives us more victories to celebrate on Election Day.

Karen Floyd
South Carolina GOP Chairman

You are the POWER of the Republican Party! Click here to join today!