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Rob Miller: the real Big Spender in the SC-02 Congressional race

Liberal Democrat Rob Miller doesn’t “practice what he preaches” on spending

(COLUMBIA, SC – August 25, 2010) “When you point a finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at you.” Perhaps Rob Miller missed school the day his teacher taught that lesson. Although he is pointing an accusing finger on federal spending, his own fingers point right back at him on the same subject.

It all started late last week when the liberal Democrat’s congressional campaign issued a news release attacking Congressman Joe Wilson for supporting “the single largest instance of government spending in the history of our country when he voted for the bailout…”

Stop right there.

For starters, Miller’s assertion is wrong. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, commonly known as the “Stimulus Bill,” carried an estimated $814 billion price-tag and is widely considered to be (using the terminology in Miller’s own news release) “the largest single instance of government spending in the history of the country.” Congressman Joe Wilson voted against it. So Miller’s claim is utterly wrong. [Source: The Associated Press, August 24, 2010]

On top of that, while Joe Wilson voted against the enormous spending spree made possible by the stimulus bill, Rob Miller has attacked Joe Wilson for opposing it. Talk about trying to have it both ways!

But there’s more.

Rob Miller is on record as saying he would have voted for the massive hijacking of our nation’s health care system (peddled as “health care reform” and commonly derided as “Obamacare”) that was passed by Congress last March. [Source: Lexington County Chronicle, March 25, 2010]

Miller seems to have conveniently forgotten just how expensive this “reform” is. The socialization of America’s premiere health care system by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Gang –which Rob Miller says he would have voted for– is expected to reach $940 billion dollars when all its costs are added up. [Source: The Associated Press, March 18, 2010]

What’s more, that measure is also the most sweeping power-grab ever made by the federal government. When this “reform” is fully enacted, its provision requiring all Americans to carry health insurance or a face a significant fine means the government will intrude into the life of every single American citizen. To put it simply, Washington liberals saw a chance to make Big Government even bigger, so they pounced on it. And Rob Miller is on record as saying he would have pounced with them.

Had he been in Congress at the time, Rob Miller says he would have voted to pass health care “reform,” right alongside Nancy Pelosi, Henny Stoyer, Barney Frank and the rest of Capitol Hill’s ruling liberal elite.

Rob Miller’s TV commercial boasts about “the courage to do what’s right.”

Doing “what’s right,” Mr. Miller, is being honest with the people of South Carolina. Doing “what’s right” is not posing as a “fiscal conservative” while also favoring a nearly $1 trillion dollar piece of legislation. Doing “what’s right” is not making misleading and inaccurate charges against your opponent.

Rob Miller’s latest negative attack is the latest reason why he is wrong on the issues, and wrong for South Carolina.