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Democrats Implement “Hopeless Optimism” Strategy

It seems that the South Carolina Democratic Party is utilizing the last tool in its depleted arsenal: hopeless optimism. At a time when there is a groundswell of anti-liberal fervor building across the state, what other options are available for a Democrat?

In a recent article by the “”, Democrats in Hilton Head announced their newfound “optimism” for the November elections. The article stated, “Beaufort County Democrats expressed optimism Sunday afternoon that Democrats will reclaim the gubernatorial and 2nd District congressional seats, a feat that will be accomplished in large part to volunteer and grassroots efforts throughout the state.”

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Apparently, the Democrats did not notice the enormous rally held in Washington D.C. this past weekend. Hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens showed up to voice their discontent with the liberal ideals that have ravaged our country’s economy. Their shouts of outrage carried far and wide, but apparently not far enough to reach Hilton Head.

This is yet another example of how out of touch the liberals are in this state. Instead of accepting the defeat of socialist policies and Big Government spending, they blithely go along their way with hopeless “optimism”. How oblivious can they possibly be?

The Democrats in Hilton Head and throughout the state may not be willing to face reality, but the folks in South Carolina are ready for conservative solutions. We realize that the status quo of reckless spending and Big Government is not the answer. The Democrats are wasting their time with ignorant bliss, and need to submit to the demands of the American people.

If the Democrats cannot hear the public outcry yet, then let’s be sure to send them a clear message this November. Let the liberal establishment know what you think by supporting conservative solutions!