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Meet John Spratt- Nancy Pelosi’s Rubber Stamp

Current Congressman John Spratt has become a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi. Every outrageous policy that ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi has tried to force upon the country has had John Spratt’s full and undying support.

The Cap and Trade Energy tax? Yep, Spratt approved it. The Wall Street bailout? Spratt voted for it. The wasteful stimulus bill? Spratt jumped on the bandwagon. And how about Obama’s contentious health care bill? Spratt was cheerleading like it was homecoming night.

John Spratt has literally rubber-stamped every single liberal policy for Nancy Pelosi. He does not work for South Carolina anymore- he works for her.

Let’s send Pelosi’s cheerleader packing this November by voting for Mick Mulvaney!