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Subcommittee to hear from public on immigration reform

The South Carolina Senate Judiciary Special Subcommittee on Immigration is holding its first of four public hearings on immigration reform tonight at 6 o-clock in North Charleston. Roan Garcia-Quintana of “Americans Have Had Enough” says it’s time to hear from citizens and allow them to weigh in on the immigration issue.

We need to encourage our fellow patriots to go, our citizens to go because as we have been talking about this for the past three, four, five, six years, this is not about illegal immigration, it’s about an illegal immigrant invasion.

“Americans Have Had Enough” is a coalition formed in 2006 to help secure US borders and help enforce laws against hiring illegal immigrants. Garcia-Quintana says some action needs to be taken to stop the invasion–and it could start with these hearings.

They want to hear ‘close some of the loopholes’ because as you know, in 2008 we fought for the law and we got a law. We need to just get rid of the drivers license part, something that has allowed to prove that you are legally here. The only thing that is going to work is we need to stick to the E-verify because that is 99.7 percent accurate.

Garcia-Quintana is an American citizen who came to the US as a political refugee from Cuba. He says he would like to see South Carolina follow Arizona’s laws.

What we want to do is what Arizona does. When I was going through my citizenship one of the things you had to have was an alien registration card, resident alien. That’s the green card, which isn’t green anymore, it’s white, but nevertheless it’s the resident alien card.

Garcia-Quintana is also part of the Tea Party Movement in South Carolina. Tonight’s meeting is at the North Charleston City Hall.

By Michael Brown, “South Carolina Radio Network”