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Join Our Costume Contest this Halloween

Are you one of those people who love to dress up in crazy costumes on Halloween? Every year, I see all sorts of outlandish costumes parading down the street- from grotesque zombies to The Incredible Hulk. If you are reading this right now and saying, “Yeah, that’s me!” then I have a special proposition for you.

This year, we are hosting a Halloween contest to see who can come up with the best “scary liberal” or “strong conservative” costume. There will be both adult and kids divisions, and the winner will receive a special lunch with Jeff Duncan after he wins in November. Your costume will also be featured as the official profile picture for the SCGOP Facebook page! Literally, thousands of people will get to see you in all your outrageous glory.

There are sure to be a mound of submissions from people all across the state, so we encourage you to let your imaginations run wild. To enter your submission, simply dress up in your most creative garb, take a photo, and then post it on our Facebook page. After Halloween, we will go through all the entries and notify the winners by sending them a Facebook message.

If you already plan on going crazy this year with your costume, then why not gain some recognition for it? Please be sure to submit your crazy costume this year, so you can be part of both the Halloween and election day spirit!


Karen Floyd
SCGOP Chairman