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Roxanne Wilson Defends Her Husband

Near the end of every election season, negative attack ads flood across the airwaves. This year is no different, as Rob Miller has unleashed a barrage of accusations that are terribly misleading, not to mention blatantly untrue.

One such accusation is that my husband, Joe Wilson, raised his own pay. The absurd claim seems to be based on the assumption that people will not actually look up the facts. When they do, they clearly see that Joe sponsored legislation to reduce Congressional pay raises. This is all public record and can be accessed any time by clicking here.

Another outrageous claim made by Joe’s opponent is that Joe took “vacations” to France and Hawaii. In reality, Joe serves on the armed services committee, which means that part of his duties entail traveling to see troops overseas. Hawaii was the first stop on a trip to visit military bases in the Pacific, assessing our military readiness in the region. In France, Joe was honoring South Carolina heroes who died in Normandy, and Joe felt honored and privileged to pay tribute to them.

These misleading and dishonest attacks have no grounding in reality, so I wanted to speak out and give my two cents. Please click here now to listen to my message and learn the truth. Then forward this email on to all of your family and friends.


Roxanne Wilson

P.S. Click here to listen to what I have to sat about the misleading attacks on Joe! Then forward this email on to everyone you know.