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Sheheen’s Liberal Playbook

As the Election Day clock winds down, South Carolina voters need to be sure they understand the stance of every campaign on every issue. We cannot afford to guess in the voting booths this year, as our economy and civil liberties hang in the balance. With the flurry of controversial issues surrounding this year’s election, we call upon every candidate to clearly articulate what they truly believe.

For instance, voters should clearly know what Democratic candidate for governor Vincent Sheheen’s stance is on the divisive issues that face our state and nation. During an election season, these issues sometimes become gray and cloudy from layers of political rhetoric. So, let’s set the record straight…

When it comes to massive stimulus spending, it should be known that Vincent Sheheen absolutely supports that method of “economic recovery”. As we find ourselves plunging deeper in financial ruin, Sheheen still refuses to back down from this stance.

And as the economy worsens and jobs become increasingly scarce, Sheheen has decided to oppose adopting an Arizona-style immigration law. In spite of good Americans losing their jobs, Sheheen refuses to give any ground on this issue.

What about Obamacare? Well, falling in line with the liberal playbook, Sheheen enthusiastically supports Obamacare and thinks that it is a good idea for South Carolina, even though the people overwhelmingly disagree.

The SC Republican Party has been forthright with the voters about our stance on every issue. Our candidates vehemently oppose any more stimulus spending and instead want to budget our economy with frugal business ideals; conservative candidates are in support of adopting illegal immigration legislation like the one passed in Arizona; and our candidates definitely are against any form of federally- mandated health care system.

The choice couldn’t be clearer this November!